Note: The complexity of the issue calls for a more in-depth overview, so I suggest reading literature about the Israel-Palestinian conflict to fully educate yourself on the history. However, Palestinians are continuously being denied their rights, oppressed, and terrorised by Israeli military, so please stand against the occupation and support a #FreePalestine.

TW: Discrimination and violence.

Recommended Literature:

Palestinian Identity by Rashid Khalidi is a good starting point, and a bit of research can also enlighten about the issue.

Examples of war crimes against Palestine:

Israeli military bombs water supplies

Israeli military uses white phosphorus

Palestinian teenager dies from severe beating by Israeli soldiers

Interview: Norman Finkelstein

An educational interview with a political scientist on the situation.

Kamala Harris supports Israeli military

A speech in which she informs that the American government will continue to fund Israeli military, which means further oppression and destruction of Palestine. 

Where can I donate to Palestine?

I personally donate to the organisations below, but you can always research to find other organisations that you're comfortable with.

Muslim Aid

Muslim Global Relief

Also, spread awareness, use the #FreePalestine hashtag on social media, openly condemn Israel for the occupation as well as all of the governments supporting/funding Israel. It might even be your government.

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