Rohingya People

Note: The below articles are recommended for a brief overview, but I also highly suggest researching on your own and reading non-mainstream media articles on the previous and current situation.

TW: Rape, racism/discrimination, violence.

Who are the Rohingya People?

A rundown of the history of the Rohingya People.

The Rohingya Crisis Explained in Maps

The Rohingya People's plight visually demonstrated through maps.

ICJ Speech: Aung San Suu Kyi

An important look into the mentality of the Myanmar politician.

Myanmar Soldiers Confess to Genocide

An interview with soldiers confessing to genocide and mass rape of the Rohingya People.

Where can I donate to the Rohingya People?

I personally donate to the organisation below, but you can always find others and donate to the ones you're comfortable with.

Muslim Global Relief